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 Pseudotropheus demasoni

Fish in the genus Pseudotropheus are some of the most aggressive of all fish from Lake Malawi.  Probably second most aggressive only to the Melanochromis genus. Take care to put plenty of hiding spaces in your aquarium to help curb their aggression.  Plenty of rocks and  plastic plants help in this regard, but take care not to use real large pieces of driftwood as they help to lower pH.

The P. demasoni in particular tend to be really aggressive.  If you are going to attempt to breed these beautiful fish make sure you set them up in larger groups or even species only tanks.  Most people trying to keep these in small groups don't have a whole lot of luck.  These could almost be classified as a dwarf species (like the Cynotilapia group too).

The great news is that the Grand Rapids metro tap water (and most surrounding wells) is the perfect pH for these beautiful fish!

Max Size 3.00"
Recommended Tank Size 40 gal
Temperature  Range 76-82
pH Range 7.6-8.6
Origin Lake Malawi
Difficulty Moderate
Diet Omnivore
Community Safe? Yes, with other equally large and aggressive mbuna



































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